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Hi, you seem to have found a  random LJ. Well, if you care, continue to read on.       
You can call me Victoria.

  I am a Cassieopeian ELF who recently became a Triple S. 

I mainly created this to write Fan fictions of mainly SUPER JUNIOR and sometimes DBSK. Blame [info]nyxspirit  for encouraging me to do so.
(Maybe some MBLAQ and Child of Empire  in  the  future, if I feel like it).

Um, my bias is Kyuhyun, SJ's evil dorky magnae, and I ship lots of Kyumin. KyuMinMi (QminMi) and Qmi are also others that I tend to enjoy reading. :) Haters are a no-no. :/ I have a pet peeve for antis. I  have no opinion on the Only13/Pro15 thing, but no bashing. ><". Not so nice, rude, yeah, you get the picture.  Zhou Mi is cool (have you seen his LEGS? SO FREAKING LONG), and Henry is good at the violin. :) They have also worked really hard and they don't deserve to be hated on.

I am open to anyone friending me, just comment here and I'll friend you back. ^_^.  I love meeting people of the same fandom I'm into. :D

My first project I guess will be like a little thank you note/poem to SUJU for existing which will hopefully be posted on November 6, 2009. (done)

still around

reading fic and mesmerizing about back when i first made this journal and when there was so much fic to read every single day.
i've been obsessively paying attention to the depleating amount of fic lately and it makes me sad....

Oh my

It's been a while since I've attempted blogging. I guess I'll try now. Well, it's exciting that Kibum from Suju has a twitter. I'm surprised he hasn't followed all of suju who have twitter/vice versa. But he has Heechul and I spot some Kihae. \o/ Now, I'm just doing this to avoid doing homework. I think when I'm up at 3 am, I will hate myself for this. Now, back to lurking.

5th Year

Wow, five years have passed by so quickly. I wasn't a fan until about over a year ago, but it feels as if I've known these kids for ages. It makes me sad when I think about five years ago when they first debuted, all innocent, young, and smiles. I still think they're quite young but it's sad that there are so many complications. Hankyung wants to leave, Kibum is usually busy, and Kangin is in the army. The future looks bleak for a  reunion. But somewhere along the way, as an E.L.F, I still have hope that they will be thirteen (plus two) one day again.

Super Junior is so much more than just a band. They have influenced more than just me in daily life. Five years have gone in a flash, but I hope that they will be united once again and continue that for many many MANY years! <3 Super Junior, you guys are awesome. Hope I'll post a blurb like this on their 10th anniversary or something. :) 

Birthday Fish

This is to one of the most adorable people in Super Junior-


Lots of people call him handsome, but he is so much like a little kid. :D He is also a very good dancer. Some people also call him a cry baby, but that isn't a bad thing. xD I hope you have an awesome birthday, Super Junior's resident fish!

Birthday Funny Guy

This is to one of the funniest people in Super Junior- SHINDONG.


Like I said before, he is one of the funniest guys in Super Junior and like the others, the band wouldn't be the same without him. He is unique and a very good dancer. It honestly is annoying when people call him fat because they over look how talented he is. He's like a teddy bear. :) He and Nari are also such a cute couple! Wish you well Shindong!

Birthday Epic Vocals

This is very very very late, but,


This guy has an amazing voice and it never fails to amaze me. Although he is the "epic fail" (jokingly) of Super Junior, his adorkable personality and his voice outbalance the former. His three turtles are also as adorable as him. <3 Happy birthday Yesung~ I hope you had a good one.

Birthday Killer Smile

Today is the birthday of SUJU's very own Killer Smile guy.


Although he wants to be known for his acting, I think I'll always know him for his adorable smile and the fact he isn't there in suju all that often. Although he isn't there for SJ activites that much, he still has a place in Super Junior. Always. He can do what he wants to do and as an elf, I guess that its best to support him in his acting and hope he comes back to super junior one day. Miss you Kibum! Hope to see you on stage with super junior one day! Until then, good luck!

Birthday Princess

I just realized that I forgot to do a post for Heechul's Birthday. So...here it is....twenty days later. Because I have nothing to do right now.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEECHUL!!!!! Heechul is a very special person. He is hilarious, a bratty princess, but also awesome and hilarious. He is prettier than 1/2 the girls I know and his humor is just genius. <3 I loved him on Full House. XD. A pure brat. <3 Now, he seems sadder at times, which kinda sucks but Heechul, your petals are always behind you! Hope you have a happy birthday~

Birthday Angel

Today is the birthday of one of the best leaders ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEETEUK!

He has to look after 12 other people in such a huge band and he does a great job. He is hilarious when he DJs/MCs and his promises to ELF are just so sweet. I am so glad SUJU has such an awesome leader like him and I don't think anyone else could do a better job. He keeps our hope up when things such like hell. I remember last year when he was the first person that I wished happy birthday to on facebook. This were so much simpler then. XD No lawsuit, no angst, no random points where a person felt like bashing their head against the wall when they thought of Kpop. Now, everything above thats listed is happening, but I'm getting off topic.

Leeteuk, you have done a superb and spectacular job these past 4 1/2 years, and I'm sure you will for many more years to come. We believe you when you and Heechul say that SJ will be together even in your 30s and 40s, so we'll wait for you all to come back from the army! I hope you have an awesome birthday!